After producing them for an exhibition, I’ve opened an Etsy shop to sell prints of some of my favourite illustrations.

From small black and white illustrations to colourful posters inspired by movies and fashion, you’re sure to find wall art you’ll love to decorate your home.

All artworks are sold unframed in order to limit shipping costs, but if you’d like to buy a framed art print or poster, I will adjust the price accordingly.  (International shipping from France to the rest of the world)


Eva Prima Pandora and La voix du Nord black and white art prints



Cat nap depicts a tabby sleeping in ivy


Desert Foxes-art-print-cath-ka-etsy

Desert Foxes and cacti illustration



The Hitchcock Blondes poster, a graphic homage to the iconic actresses that made films such as Psycho, the Birds, North by Northwest, and Vertigo the cult classics they are.